Diabetes damages the nerves making them stop sending massages. Likewise it damages the blood vessels hindering the blood circulation, especially in the extremities of the body. This gives rise to many health conditions and related symptoms which are either grossly ignored or mistaken for some other conditions.

Dry and Itchy Skin The dry skin may be the cause of many underlying conditions but extremely dry skin, particularly in the extremities of the body parts is a sign that a person might be diabetic. E.g. Skin of the ears getting flaky when the facial skin looks completely fine.

Dry and flaky Scalp The dry scaly scalp is not only because of dandruff but can be because of diabetes, as the damaged blood vessels are unable to circulate the blood to the scalp.

Tingling Sensation on the Hands and Legs Tingling on the skin of hands and legs or numbness in the fingers is caused due to damage to the nerve endings. This can be the late symptoms of diabetes and should not be ignored.

Weak Gums Most of the time, weak or bleeding gums is considered a sign of poor oral hygiene. But weak gums and teeth can be a symptom of damaged blood vessels due to diabetes.

Hyper Fatigue Poor absorption of glucose from the blood due to the deficiency of insulin causes hyper fatigue. People with extreme tiredness or sleepiness during the day should get their Blood sugar checked.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which cannot be cured but can be managed effectively with proper diet and exercise. Periodic testing of blood sugar can help us monitor and control it.