Malaria is the most prevalent illness during the rainy season. Since there is a problem with water clogging during the rainy season, which is a breeding place for mosquitoes to breed, it is carried by mosquitoes. Symptoms: High fever, Body ache/chills, Sweating, Severe anemia

Dengue  - Break Bone Fever The most typical ailment brought on by the monsoon is dengue. The so-called tiger mosquito is the carrier of the disease. Symptoms: High fever. Swollen lymph nodes, Rashes, Headache, Low palette count, Hypersensitivity

Mosquitoes that are born in stagnant water spread the chikungunya virus. These mosquitoes can be found in water pipelines, plants, kitchenware, coolers, and overhead tanks. Tiger Aedes Albopictus is the culprit behind this illness. Symptoms: Acute joint pain, High fever, Fatigue, Chills

Cholera is yet another widespread illness. Water and food contamination are the main causes of this sickness. It is also a result of poor sanitation and hygiene. Because cholera can result in death within hours, it requires prompt medical attention. Symptoms: Low blood pressure, Thirst, Muscle cramps, Rapid heart rate, Dry mucous membrane, Loss of skin elasticity

A monsoon-related illness with a high transmission rate is typhoid. This illness is typically brought on by tainted food and water.Symptoms: Prolonged high fever, Weakness, Abdominal Pain, Constipation, Headaches, Vomiting

Virus fever is a year-round condition that is more prevalent during monsoon season. Symptoms: Fever, Fatigue, Dizziness, Weakness, Body chills, Muscle, body and joint pain, Inflammation of the pharynx.

One of the most typical health issues during monsoon season is diarrhoea. It might range from a transient ailment to one that could be fatal. The ingestion of unclean food and drink may be the cause of this. Symptoms: Loose watery stools, Abdominal cramps, Fever, Bloating, Nausea, Blood in the stool

Influenza: This typically occurs as a result of weather changes and temperature swings. You must guard against this sickness since it has the potential to spread virally from one person to another. Symptoms: Fever, Aching muscles, Sweating, Headache, Nasal congestion, Sore throat, Dry, persistent cough

Leptospirosis is a very rare bacterial illness that can spread from animals to people. When going outside, it's best to cover any open scrapes or bruises to prevent contracting this illness and other diseases. It might be brought on by the skin's propensity for water-logging during the monsoon. Symptoms: High fever, Headache, Muscle aches, Abdominal pain, Red eyes, Rashes, Diarrhea

When you ingest unsanitary food and liquids, stomach illnesses might occur. One typical stomach ailment that happens during this season is gastroenteritis. In this scenario, it is advisable to consume enough of boiling water and home-cooked meals. Symptoms: Low grade fever, Nausea, vomiting or both, Abdominal cramps and pain, Diarrhea

Prevention tips – Use insect repellents any time you are outdoors – Wear light colored, long-sleeved clothing – Stay indoors from dusk to dawn during peak mosquito season – Repair damaged window and door screens – Remove standing water from the areas around your home